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Can we all talk about the morning of July 26th, 2013 (from about 3 AM to 6 AM) when this site was literally flooded with posts about the Thwomps from Super Mario 64?

Seriously, there was actually one time period on this website where this version of a very minor enemy was the subject of hundreds of individual posts (mainly audio, text and quote posts) for just a few hours before abruptly vanishing forever, and nobody seems to acknowledge the fact that something that abnormal took place here.

(Source: strangepan)


“It might have been an interesting subject to talk about another time, with a different person. But that’s not now, and it sure isn’t with you.”

Dirk Strider, Prince of Heart.

Jade Harley, Witch of Space.
Jake English, Page of Hope.
Jane Crocker, Maid of Life.
Rose Lalonde, Seer of Light.
Dave Strider, Knight of Time.

Favourite Alpha kid- Roxy Lalonde, Rogue of Void.
Favourite Beta Kid- John Egbert, Heir of Breath.
Favourite troll- Aradia Megido, the Maid of Time.

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